Troll Tells a Tall Tale

A small troll tells a cute fairy a tall taleWhat tall tale could a small, ugly little troll tell to impress a cute fairy?  I’m not sure.  This might find its way into my third novel somehow.  Maybe.  We’ll have to see.

When I need a break from writing, I will either go out in my shop and make glass beads and/or jewelry, or I will mess around with 3D, vector, and photo programs.  I really enjoy the 3D programs.   I’m not great at the visual art thing, but I’m getting better.  There’s a lot to learn.  In this render, I was working on my lighting.  I can see where I went wrong, but it’s good enough for now.

I find that making character sketches helps me work out the knots in my stories.  Sometimes it even generates new stories or suggests fun character interactions. 🙂

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Screenwriting Tips for Authors

Just found this blog and thought I would share:

Alexandra Sokoloff

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Character Sketch – Dex


I find that it helps if I make sketches of my characters.  This is Dex.  Dex appears briefly in the first book, but he has a pivotal part in book two.  Based loosely on my teenage son, he’s smart but dopey in the way teenage boys tend to be.  He’s convinced that he knows all. Yep.  He is in for a surprise.

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