The Lost Gateway – Fantasy Action Adventure Novel

Fantasy action and adventure…

Enyeto’s nomadic life revolves around the care of the calam, a desert animal that is the lifeblood of his tribe.  When Enyeto’s calam herd is attacked, he finds some unusual monsters are to blame.  The tracks lead him to a mysterious gateway where more monsters are pouring into his world.  His tribe is endangered.  His shaman is useless.  And no one knows how to close the gateway.

Sabine is a healer and a witch. Her beloved mentor has been murdered by a wizard, and the key to a distant gateway is missing.  Sabine is determined to find the wizard and close the gateway. Unfortunately, Granny Fog never told her how to use the key.  Worse, the only help she has is a crazy old witch who has trouble remembering to get dressed in the mornings.

Meanwhile, something terrifying has discovered the open gateway and is making plans…

“I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful mixture of sparkling dialogue, lively characters and breathtaking action.” – Richard Jones


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Trouble Focusing

I have found that a little background noise helps me focus and extends the time I spend writing.  Otherwise, I get distracted by pretty much anything.  🙂  One of my favorite places for ambient sounds is  They have all sorts of different background mixes, or you can create your own.  I haven’t tried that yet.  Anyway, my absolute favorite at the moment is The Perfect Storm.

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Will You NANO?

I’m just curious if anyone I know is going to be doing NANOWRIMO this year.  I’m not planning on it right now.  I have a lot of editing still to do.  But it’s possible I could change my mind.  Especially if Christi challenges me again.  😉

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Defending Your Copyright

I just had to deal with this.   I found the offender because I had set up Google alerts for my name, the name of my novel, and some selected text from the novel itself.  If you want to do this for yourself, it’s pretty easy.  Just go here:

Steps to take to defend your copyright and some sample cease and desist letters can be found here:  Reporting Copyright Infringement

Also, a good explanation of copyright is available on the SFWA website.

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